Anna Care home for OLD & CHILDREN

“Helping the Hurting Children....healing the broken families”

Anna Care home is a Non faith based non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the joy in the lives of children and families. Established in November’ 1996 by SWARD, the Anna Care home provides residential care for the children come from homes where:

They were victimized by neglect and drug exposed children or by unspeakable physical, sexual or emotional abuse,
They were caught up in a family crisis, dysfunction or turmoil,
They were abandoned or orphaned, or
Their parents/guardians could not care for them, for any number of reasons. Others ran away, or came from insurmountable circumstances.

Our objective is to restore the emotional and physical well being of children through an array of services in a loving and nurturing environment. The home is staffed with house parents and supporting caregivers. Anna Care home a home for twenty to fifty children. It is the goal of Anna Care home to give each Child a family-feel and make the home as cozy and home-like, as possible.

Some of Abused children need a place to call home during this turbulent time in their lives. Anna Care home is a healing place giving wounded children a warm, loving home and renewed hope for a brighter future. We are coloring away the darkness in little hearts all over the Guntur and Prakasam District's of Andhra Pradesh.

We provide a host of Services — emergency shelters, maternity care/counseling. 

SWARD is providing the care for 25 fragail elderly people who cannot be accommodated in their families due to their old age, unable to work and earn their daily bread for their survival. These elderly fragile people are provided with nursing care, Food, Clothes, Bedding and company living for socializing in the Anna Care Home.


  •  To build a large orphanage that will accommodate a good number of children and elderly people whose number grows daily.
  • * To set up an own farm that will help them to sustain and supply the food needs of these Old age people and children.
  •  To establish a resource centre; that will meet the vocational and occupational need of the less privileged children and Old age people of these downtrodden community people in these areas.
  •  To set up a cottage and a clinic that will take care of the physical and psychological health of these children.
  •  To establish a school that will meet both the educational and moral needs of these children.