SWARD has completed several projects since its inception in 1996 to provide relief to those affected by the floods in the state of Andhra Pradesh. In the devastating floods , SWARD extended its services in the worst flood affected areas of Guntur and Prakasam district's, by supplying medicine, clothes, food and utensils in different relief camps. SWARD volunteers collected relief materials from different individual donors. The volunteers traveled to several flood affected areas to distribute relief material, and they involved local people in distribution efforts. Relief camps were organized in the flood affected villages of Guntur and Prakasam district's. SWARD organized medical camps and an equal number of relief material distribution camps in those areas during the floods. Over the past few years SWARD has networked with various individuals working in the similar areas Medical camps in the flood affected villages.


Through the involvement in these relief activities SWARD gained insight into the phenomena of flood. The volunteers of SWARD have observed the problems, the governmental snags and sheer helplessness of the people during and after the flood. SWARD realized that the government efforts alone are not sufficient to tackle the situation and that mere relief activities will not bring about sustainable development. People's economic security is one major issue that can help people withstand the aftermath of flood to some extent.


In view of the above, SWARD made a detailed household survey of few affected villages in Guntur and Prakasam District's, in order to identify their immediate needs and the available skills so as to take up some income generating activities in those areas which can be practiced during flood or/and compensate the loss of income caused by flood.