"The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world."

In Andhra Pradesh, India, Self Help Groups or SHGs represent a unique approach to financial intermediation. This approach combined access to low-cost financial services with a process of self management and development for the women who are SHG members. SWARD has formed SHGs for women who have been "forgotten," who live on land, taught them the ways to earn a living supported usually by NGOs or by Government agencies. Linked not only to banks but also to wider development programmes, SHGs are seen to confer many benefits, both economic and social

These SHGs has enabled women to grow their savings and to access the credit which banks are increasingly willing to lend. These SHGs became community platforms from which women became active in village affairs, stand for local election or take action to address social or community issues (the abuse of women, alcohol, the dowry system, schools, and water supply).Thus became the “Women of Tomorrow”

Formed in 1996, SWARD SHG’s Woman of Tomorrow worked with the heads of households, widows, teen mothers or young girls orphaned by AIDS. They cannot read, and are subject to fraudulent levies and taxes when they take their goods to market.

To combat such bleak conditions, these groups are trained women in basic literacy, accounting and pricing. To address the over-dependence on agriculture, especially during the dry season, SWARD supported their efforts to teach women other ways to earn a living. The group also teaches women about their human rights, explaining that a woman to become economically empowered, but not to remain oppressed, miserable than she was before within her home.