Across the human landscape, women of all ages become widows every moment. The death of a mate, like the shedding bark of a tree, asks a woman to peel away the layers of her life and look under the skin of her own story. Her journey may be courageous, triumphant and filled with grace as she peers into her depth and discovers who she is. Tragically, more often than not a widow does not have the luxury of peering into her depth and discovering who she is. Often she has children to raise, to feed and to clothe.

She is among the poorest of the poor, her life a daily struggle of survival. Across these ethnic groups, widows are commonly marginalized by society and even their own families. They are perceived as witches—outcast, sexually abused, killed.

Many widows in Guntur are homeless. The attacks that killed their husbands often resulted in irreparable damage to their homes. Other widows lost possession of their homes, family members took possession of their home and land. Because widows are societal outcasts, they have no advocate to fight for their rights. A new home indicates to her community that a widow has an advocate, she is no longer alone; she has worth. SWARD’S destitute homes are miracles in some of these communities.

SWARD is a Non Profit voluntary developmental organization dedicated towards empowerment of marginalized women and children. 

We hope that with time we shall be able to expand our operations and reach a bigger number of people and cover more communities. At the moment our activities only cover few villages of Guntur District.